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This page is old and probably not what you want. The Humanity movie screenplay is now being hosted on Shlomi Fish's site.

For some of the conclusions from the project see The Bazaar Way of Making a Movie - Revisited

Humanity is the bazaar way of writing a movie. The movie is split into several scenes, each of which is mostly independant of the others. There could be several alternatives scenes to each scene title, and each scene can be rendered into several versions.

All the material will be released under the Open Publication License, and will be registered to the "Humanity - the Cathedral, the Bazaar, the rest..." Foundation.

"Humanity" is a parody about (you guessed it) humanity and especially about modern life. It tells the story of a day in the life of a Semitic city circa the year 500 B.C. through its elements: the Cathedral (actually an altar with a priest), the Bazaar, the Well, the Wall, the Gate, the River, etc.

If you'd like to contribute or monitor it, join the humanity-discuss mailing list.

Shlomi Fish



Questions and Answers

What if no-one will ever film a "Humanity" movie?

In case this happens, it still would not mean we have lost. We would still have the fun and enjoyment of working on a funny, intelligent movie-script.

Besides, the Open Publication License allows individuals to freely use the material we create in their own productions, so I don't think there is a very big chance that there will never be an "implementation" of this "code-base".

Is there any chance to earn money, by working on this film?

Not a big one, but nonetheless existent. While the script is free content, we can still give certification to the production of the "Humanity - The Cathedral, The Bazaar, The Rest..." motion picture. While any entity may produce a film like that and even call it "Humanity", we can always say that we had nothing to do with it.

But if you expect a financial reward for your efforts, then I would recommend you not to join in the first place.

Is the "bazaar" way of writing a film superior to the "cathedral" way of writing a film?

I'm not implying that the "bazaar" way of writing a film is a superior one, just that it is different and possible. I was told such a method existed before, but I think "Humanity" is the first attempt to use the Internet as a basis for collaboration.

Many films that were written in a "cathedral" style of way are actually pretty good and sometimes very good. I'm just in the mood for trying something different with "Humanity".